Etiquette & Rules

This is a website to help travel agents make an informed decision when choosing their host agency, franchise or consortium. We encourage an open environment where people can express their opinions professionally and in an educational way.

If you find a review you believe to be inappropriate or false, please contact us and include any information we can use to independently verify your claim. We will investigate the review to see if it follows the guidelines below. Likewise, please contact us if you would like to appeal the removal of a review.

We do not automatically take down negative reviews as they are an important part of the conversation, but unsubstantiated reviews where we cannot contact the reviewer are taken down. 

We may remove or reinstate reviews based on factual documentation provided by the company or the reviewer. We do not arbitrate or take sides between parties having disagreements.

Please note, you are responsible for what you say. We reserve the right to remove comments violating our policy at any time. Read our Terms of Service and Review Rules (below) for further details.

When Writing a Review… Avoid Writing #$#@!!.

We mean it both ways. We remove reviews with expletives and we want good content so make your reviews are constructive.

To make sure Host Agency Reviews continues to be a helpful guide for those choosing a host agency, please use the following (and commonsense) as guidelines.

  1. Any defamatory, false and/or offensive statements will be removed.

If you’ve had a bad experience, the best way to let people know is to give a constructive account of what happened, how you tried to fix it, and the end result. If you really want to be heard, do it tastefully and constructively.

If you choose to provide feedback about a host agency’s staff member or owner by name, keep in mind that your words have the potential to damage someone’s professional or personal reputation. Therefore, any reviews containing personal attacks that are defamatory in nature may be edited to withhold the individual’s full name or be removed entirely.

  1. Any irrelevant, off-topic, plagiarized, and/or solicitation posts will be removed.

Reviews are to help travel agents in their research, not for promoting your company or host agency. Any links or self-promoting reviews will be removed.

  1. Conflicts of Interest. 

Our whole system is based on the idea that reviews are helpful, honest, and real. A paid review (both negative and positive) is a conflict of interest. Multiple reviews from the same person or reviews from the same IP address and/or email addresses are considered a conflict of interest.

Writing a review without full disclosure of your relationship to the company (or one of it’s competitors) is a conflict of interest. Posting a review on behalf of someone else or pretending to be someone you’re not is a conflict of interest. 

  1. Must have currently or previously belonged to or used the product of the company being reviewed 

We require that users have belonged to the company they’re reviewing. We’re looking for users that have experienced the company’s program/product, not their sales staff. Our site aims to offer insight to readers on the inner workings of the company and that can only be accessed if you are, or have previously been, a member of the company or used their product.

  1. Anonymous reviews must leave a valid email in order to be published.

We highly recommend using your real name. Readers tend to pay little attention to reviews that are anonymous. That said, if you choose to write an anonymous review, we require a valid email. While you may not want to share your name with the company you’re reviewing, if we’re going to publish it, we require that we can get in contact with you. If we try to contact the reviewer and the email bounces, the review will be removed.

Do not use the name of famous people or impersonate someone else; reviews impersonating someone else (famous or otherwise) will be removed.

  1. Mean people suck . . . and get kicked out.

Here’s some things not to do (here, or in real life): Promoting hate and/or violence against, or directly attacking or threatening other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease. Supporting organizations or individuals that promote the above.

  1. Paid reviews will be removed.

This is self explanatory. Do not pay people to write reviews, and do not accept money for writing reviews.

Users who do not follow the above rules may have their profiles/posts deleted or removed from the system. Remember, people will listen to constructive critiques that help them in their decision process. People will dismiss your thoughts, however valid, when you have a vendetta.

Thank you for help in making this a great experience for both the companies in our directories and the travel agents. If you have more questions on how things work, a stop by our FAQ section may be helpful.

  1. Reviews must contain original content.

Any reviews that are copied from another source will be removed.

Tips for Reading Reviews

Reviews are a valuable part of the conversation when it comes to choosing another company to work with. Here's a few tips on how to get the most out of Host Agency Reviews:

Consider multiple reviews.

Try not to focus on one particular review (positive or critical). Try to look at more than one review to get different perspectives from different people.

Listen to both sides.

Every company will receive a less-than-stellar review at some point in time. Make sure to take into account the company's response—all companies are able to respond to reviews—to get a more holistic view of the situation and use the review as an opportunity to see the company's customer service and culture in action.

Things change over time.

Company cultures, teams, and products are constantly evolving. Reviews that are more than 2 years old are flagged to help remind readers that older reviews may not be reflective of the current day situation. Consider the length of time that has passed since the review was left when deciding if the information is relevant.

Last updated: 5/21/2024